Two new sisters for HRbuilders, and more…

Awesome and scary times ahead! The year 2016 will be the year Katrien Devos, founder and Captain of HRbuilders, made her biggest investment as an entrepreneur. We have some big news to announce: 

“As you might know, I have a continual urge and passion to grow and create and, by doing so, to offer more value to more clients. I’m very proud to announce that HRbuilders is, together with two new partners, SALESbuilders and FINANCEbuilders, stepping into a holding company, VALUEbuilders! 

We build freelance careers. We offer peace of mind to clients with a need for the best, most flexible and result-oriented workforce in Sales, HR and Finance. 

VALUEbuilders is committed to shaping #TheFutureOfWork. 

VALUEbuilders is a platform that acts as a growth accelerator. It stimulates growth, both organically and via participations in companies we believe in and that also have the potential to service our clients. A first participation is with the fast-growing SME Passion4Sales, which specialises in outsourced sales and B2B call centre activities. Today Passion4Sales employs 37 people and by the end of the year this will be at least 50. 

Why this bigger step now? 

1. Firstly, clients have been challenging us to find solutions to their temporary workforce issues and this from different business perspectives. Two new #dreamteams have accepted that challenge! 

2. Secondly, HRbuilders is passionate about improving the freelance scene and building freelance careers. Above all, more flexibility and Xtreme result-orientedness is what every company looks for and as the future workforce also longs for this, an extension of niche verticals, seems natural! 

3. Thirdly, I crossed paths with two entrepreneurs who have the right experience in sales and finance, and are built with the same DNA: David Van Malcot and Luc Van den Cruijce. 


Connecting great people, is SALESbuilders, HRbuilders and FINANCEbuilders’ shared goal. Clients and Interim Managers, as well as the three #dreamteams will benefit from this cross-pollination. 

Meet the people behind FINANCEbuilders and SALESbuilders

Luc and David have what it takes to offer the same service and partnership towards clients as HRbuilders has been doing for HR. 

Luc Van den Cruijce has a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and over 20 years of experience in Finance. During his career, he has held several Finance positions within various Multinationals in Belgium & The Netherlands. His last employer was General Electric, where he worked as Finance & FP&A Manager before founding his own company, Precipio - Finance Interim Management, at the end of 2007. Over the last 10 years, Luc has done multiple Finance Interim assignments in the Benelux and grew his company to a team of five. After five months of getting to know each other, I am happy to announce that Luc has converted his company and has become co-founder and Chief Enabler of FINANCEbuilders in Belgium and The Netherlands. We start with a team of five and already service three clients. 

David Van Malcot is an expert in sales. With more than 19 years of experience in both B2B and B2C commercial environments, he has proven to be an effective business leader and a strong team builder. He has a solid track record in driving growth and achieving sales objectives with the teams he led. As a former ad interim Sales Director, he worked in different sales 

environments changing, optimizing and building commercial teams for his customers. David is growing his own company Passion4Sales since 2015. For the last 7 years, I have asked him to consider a collaboration every single year (really!). Finally, the time is right and I am very happy to confirm that he is now co-founder and Chief Enabler at SALESbuilders. We start with a team of four, servicing two clients already! Talking about a fast start :-) 

Why the holding? 

The holding VALUEbuilders unites our different niches so they can grow along with the needs of our clients. 

I believe these cross-functional niches will bring more value to our clients. The need for flexibility and result-orientedness will only increase in the future. 

This platform acts as a growth accelerator, stimulating businesses both organically and via participations. 

Together with the “sister” companies, SALESbuilders and FINANCEbuilders, as well as the first “brother-in-law” company, Passion4Sales, HRbuilders has almost doubled in size to an average of 100 people working for us as we speak. 

Where did my entrepreneurial journey start? 

Let me remind you WHY I started my first company HRbuilders, nine years ago. At that time, I was an HR freelancer and I met with a bunch of agencies which I would call “cv brokers”: they reduced me to the information on my cv and did not inquire about my preferences, nor did they respect my fee or sometimes even the confidentiality. I didn’t experience a long term relationship investment or partnership. This was in huge contrast with the highly motivated, flexible and results driven approach of the HR freelancers I met along the way. 

It was clear that if I wanted to do better, HRbuilders would have to be built on three pillars: 

1. FOCUS. Only HR, only temporary assignments and only with freelancers 

2. LONG TERM RELATIONING. We build relationships, invest in them and connect. Proof: we made it to where we are without EVER making cold calls. I am Xtremely proud of this DNA! 

3. ONLY WORK WITH THE BEST. The people you choose to work with are your true and only business card! 


This approach led us to where we are today: market leader in HR Interim Management in Belgium. In 2015, HRbuilders had a consolidated revenue of 6 million EUR and today an average of 60 people are working for us. 

Why the dream of an international expansion? I do not feel Flemish or even Belgian, I am a European citizen. From the start, we received questions from international clients, so why stop at a border if we can offer a solution? In 2012, HRbuilders Europe was founded. Today, HRbuilders Europe represents 15% of the revenue and even has the potential to outgrow HRbuilders in the future. 

With HRbuilders and HRbuilders Europe up and running, thanks to the great people in my #dreamteam, I found more time to further develop myself as an entrepreneur. Since 2013, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the future of work and what HR’s role will be in it. I found inspiration in Silicon Valley and through thought leaders that create that unique Silicon Valley vibe in companies closer to home. HR is on the verge of extinction. 80% of HR people still believe that HR is about systems and processes, which is not the case anymore! So it has become my 

personal mission to shake things up in my sector and provide clients with the mindset, insights and tools that can help them transform and excel in #TheFutureOfWork “ 

Do you see, just like we do, the opportunities SALESbuilders and FINANCEbuilders can offer your company or your Interim Management career? 

Would you like to join us for an evening of celebrating the launch of these two new companies? Visit our website to register for the launch parties for either FINANCEbuilders (Tuesday 25 October) or SALESbuilders (Wednesday 26 October) 

Cheers, Katrien Devos 


VALUEbuilders - shaping #TheFutureOfWork 

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SALESbuilders, HRbuilders and FINANCEbuilders build freelance careers. We offer peace of mind to clients with a temporary need for a flexible and result-oriented freelance workforce in Sales, HR and Finance.