Think Like a Start-up, Be a Better CFO


CFOs across companies of all sizes, industries, and maturity levels continue to stretch beyond traditional finance roles. Furthermore, the changes that have taken place in the workplace over the past decade — from advances in technology to an increasingly mobile workforce to prioritizing work/life balance and company culture — have challenged CFOs as well.

Where can finance chiefs look for inspiration on how to be better at their jobs in these trying times? Here’s a surprising thought: Even those running finance at big, established companies can draw some lessons from the way CFOs at start-up companies work.

Start-up CFOs naturally work across silos (the C-suite, HR, product teams, marketing etc.), wearing many hats to create processes and procedures that will quickly result in measurable success.

I’ve seen this issue from both sides, as a mergers and acquisitions executive for Fortune 500 companies and now as the CFO of a quickly growing and ever-changing technology start-up based in Dayton, Ohio. I’ve seen firsthand how the nimble and entrepreneurial thinking required at a start-up can greatly benefit any finance executive.

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