Recruiting for Next-Generation Finance Skills


The future of recruiting for professionals with the right finance skills isn't really about replacing human beings but about making humans smarter.

The recruiting wish list for today’s corporate finance professional has fundamentally changed. The long list of credentials with top-ranked schools and companies and the connections to industry groups and peers—once the tried and true measures of candidate suitability—have taken a back-seat to highly specialized skills and technology expertise in areas like big data and cognitive computing. These criteria didn’t even exist five years ago and don’t really shine through on a résumé.

Given that, what are the key criteria that set apart today’s top candidates, and how can companies hope to find them? It’s a question that those of us in the financial technology space wrestle with daily. We’re hiring people who we hope will be able to solve tomorrow’sbusiness challenges; they must be able to also address the practical demands of today’s market.           Lees gehele artikel op