Sales meet Finance: impression of our workshop

Last week we had our Monthly Workshop for Interim Managers, one that I was specifically looking forward to since the launch of Finance - and Salesbuilders last year - "Sales meets Finance"

Why? I was eager to listen and learn from our colleague and founder of Salesbuilders, David Van Malcot. An inspiring expert in Sales and Sales Management with more than 19 years of experience in both B2B and B2C commercial environments.

For David it was his 1st Workshop as a facilitator to a Finance audience. And it turned out he was the right guy, at the right place at the right moment !

Thanks for the great session David!

Thanks for the great session David!

What was discussed during the session? The Workshop had following simple and clear structure:

  1. Perception on Finance vs/and Sales
  2. Interactive Brainstorm on 5 KPI's for Finance/Sales
  3. Interactive Brainstorm on Platforms where Finance meets Sales
  4. Hands-on Business Cases
  1. Perception on Finance vs/and Sales

David threw out some quotes as an icebreaker and caught the attention of the audience from the spot. "Sales only thinks about their Commission", "Everybody is in Sales", "Sales is a Cost to the company", "There is no company without Sales".

2/3. Interactive Brainstorm on 5 KPI's and Platforms for Finance/Sales

After a break-out the attendees came up with some nice KPI's for as well Finance as Sales. Interesting to see how Finance people are looking at Sales if they would need to start measuring/managing them.

Likewise Finance came up with some interesting KPI's such as "Flexible Payment Terms", "Customer Satisfaction", "User-friendly Dashboards".

Multiple Platforms were mentioned during which Finance & Sales our working together. eg. Review meetings, Complaints, Pricing, Customer Analysis.

Surprisingly Customer Visits and Budget Sessions were not highlighted.

4. Hands-on Business Cases

The most interactive part of the session were definitely the Business Cases. The 1st Case was about how to position during/after a WCO - the 2nd Case about the ownership of Past Due Receivables; is it Finance, Sales or both? A lot of different Opinions, a lot of different Views, a lot of Interaction. That's how we like it ;-)

Feedback from the audience after the session was again very positive: "Great sharing of experiences", "Very Interactive", "To the point", "Hands-on", "Diverse Experience of the Attendees", ... And of course the workshop was concluded with some "Bubbles and Babbles".

A big Thank You to David and all the Attendees in making this another great interactive Workshop!

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