Conflict Handling: Impression of our Workshop

After our CFO Dinner "The Future Role of the CFO" last week, we were already hosting a new workshop for Interim Managers yesterday: "Conflict Handling".

A topic chosen by the Interim Managers themselves - When doing a temporary assignment you might/could be confronted with a conflict...

Our experienced speaker yesterday was Sandra Peeters, an expert in HR, project and change management and certified conflict mediator. The right woman on the right place at the right time.

But, how to cover such a broad topic in 2 hours? Well, here is how it went.

We started on Why do we have conflicts and What are they exactly? We learned also that a Difference (in opinion) is not always a Conflict. Even a Problem is not per definition a Conflict.

So What are Conflicts within Companies about:

  • Facts
  • How do we experience/perceive these Facts
  • How do we "Handle" each other
  • The Balance of "Give and Take"

My personal takeaway here was: When you notice a conflict, bring the people concerned to the table BEFORE talking to them individually. For some of us not the easiest and most comfortable approach.

We all needed to take The Thomas Kilmann-Test that provided us an insight on our preferred personal styles: Push, Cooperate, Compromise, Avoid, Permit. Always interesting to get to know yourself a little bit better ;-)

So how do you deal with Conflicts then? What is the right process for Conflict Mediation? => Balancing between Relation and Facts + Follow a 3 step approach

  1. Listen to each individual story
  2. Connect & look for common goals
  3. Create a solution together

It has been a long time for me personally that a 2 hour workshop passed so fast. Same feedback was received from the Participants: "Learned a lot in short timeframe", "Strong Content", "Practical & Clear examples", "Good humor" - "Wish we had more time". Big thanks to Sandra.

Happy to hear/notice that Financebuilders is doing a good job in also matching the right speakers to the right workshops. We really consider the Interim Managers as our clients and also want to service them with Value Add.

As per Financebuilders' "tradition", the evening was concluded with a glass of bubbels.

Our next Workshop is very promising by the name of the topic itself "Sales meets Finance". If you want to understand more about Sales and/or how to increase your efficiency towards Sales teams, do not hesitate to register via this link:

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