CFO Connect (De)Centralization of Finance - an impression

Last Friday, January 20th, we had our 1st CFO Connect of 2017 at the great venue of ING Metropool.

A select group of Senior Finance persons from companies like Fujirebio, Team Industries, Esko, D.C. Corporate Finance, Heynen Group, ING & a Venture Capitalist joined the session.

Joris Vanden Berghe shared his experience/expertise based on a hands-on Business Case, stuffed with a solid presentation -> behind the scenes of a personal/company journey of +10 years with many useful tips.

Joris' shared his thoughts and experiences on his Multi Master Plan in the last couple of years. No doubt he is a strong believer of Centralization (Actually a combination of centralization + decentralization was pitched)

Following topics were discussed during the Business Case presentation:

  • Why Centralization
  • Multiple combined Initiatives (Strategic, IT, Sales) to support and restructure a growing company
  • Approach taken
  • RACI on the different Finance tasks
  • DO's & DON'Ts

My main takeaway of the whole session: Reducing Cost should not be the main/only driver for Centralization!