Workshop "The Leadership Compass"​ - An Impression

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-21 om 11.46.59.jpg

The new year has started. And how!! We kicked it off with a Workshop for Interim Managers facilitated by Helena Demuynck - "The Leadership Compass"

Knowing Helena already for + 20 years, Thursday evening was actually the 1st time we worked together! Thank you Helena.

With +20 attendees, a lot of interaction, humor and valuable content this session was highly valued and therefore also rated as such. Quotes like "very concrete", "interactive", "valuable content", "eager to learn more" & "very nice atmosphere"reflected the positive vibes throughout the whole session.

Without going to much in details, the content of the session was the following:

  1. What are the different directions (as per the compass point - North, South, East & West)
  2. What are the strengths and limitations to your own direction
  3. How do other directions see you when you're acting in your strongest direction
  4. Prepare an action plan from within your weakest direction

The breakout sessions were very interactive within each compass point and led to superb feedback when reporting out. My favorite one: Team North "We drive a Ferrari and don’t like to be followed by a slow scooter"

As per "tradition", the Workshop was closed with some bubbels and babbels.

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My personal takeaway: I got a lot of energy by facilitating this session, meeting great people and getting very positive feedback from our attendees (that is why we do it!)

We are ready to host some more Workshops in 2017; 2 left in February in Ghent (Master Data Management, & Cashforce/flow management) , monthly different topics as from March.